Her Opponent

A verbatim re-staging of excerpts of the 2016 U.S. Presidential debates with gender-reversed casting.



Explores the fifteen-year relationship between the photographer George Platt Lynes, the writer Glenway Wescott, and the MoMA curator and publisher, Monroe Wheeler.

Of a Certain Age

A verbatim documentary theatre play exploring the experiences of performing artists over the age of 65.



A collaboration with Toronto-based scenographer and installation artist Troy Hourie and choreographer Caleb Teicher, tackling the world of gay male “cruising” in the early 1900s compared to contemporary times.



Written and performed by Dublin-based and Canadian-born Jenny Macdonald, this is the story of a woman's quest to find and accept herself and her right to be fully here.

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A site-specific, immersive serial-comedy co-created with
Keith R. Huff and performed at Manhattanville Coffee in Harlem, NYC.

Original Work

Photo by Nora Lambert, NYU-TV

Photo by Nora Lambert, NYU-TV

Joe creates original work to answer questions he has about the world. It’s his way of researching and presenting findings about the human condition. Critics and audiences alike have called his work “engrossing and illuminating,” “courageous,” and “an incredible bit of truth.”

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Photo by Nora Lambert, NYU-TV

Photo by Nora Lambert, NYU-TV

Joe has directed plays and performances in cities across the country, working with performers of all ages and experience levels, from young artists to seasoned professionals, always focused on the belief that a strong product emerges from a strong process: the two cannot be separated.

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