Artists I admire: Sharon Murphy, photographer and curator

In the spirit of new beginnings with this blog, I'm going to start a series of regular posts highlighting the work of artists who I admire. To kick off the series, I wanted to draw attention to the photography of Sharon Murphy, an Irish colleague and friend who I've known for over 10 years now.

I first met Sharon when she was working in theatre arts administration and outreach in Dublin, Ireland, and since then, it has been a pleasure and privilege to watch her cultivate an amazing new artistic direction as a photographer. I follow her work on Instagram, and I'm consistently drawn to her images of natural landscapes and her images of young people. The composition of the images with children always make me want to hear the subjects speak, as I imagine that they each have a very interesting story to tell.

Recently, Sharon posted a series of images featuring stage curtains that I found super cool. It's not unusual to see Sharon's theatre roots somehow present in her images, and she writes on her website that she's seeking collaborations with contemporary dancers and theatre makers. Please visit her website for more information about her work and follow her on Instagram @sdrmurphy. You're definitely in for a treat!