"Salvatore’s prowess at pure dramatic construction serves him equally well, especially as he charts the salient moments when Wheeler, Wescott, and Lynes cohabitated together on East 89th Street. The actors — Salvatore as Wescott, John Del Vecchio as Wheeler, and Daryl Embry as Lynes — beautifully calibrate the curving, winding shape of their unlikely romantic and emotional bonds. Physically, psychically, and otherwise, their chemistry is extraordinary. They are — like the notable men they play — a fabulous trio for the ages."

– Leonard Jacobs, Backstage


The Hessians are coming! Site-specific theater brings James and Ann Whitall to life at Red Bank Battlefield

– Kelly Roncace, nj.com

7. 9.14

Performed in a lounge, Play/Date will attempt to set the bar for immersive theater

- Tom Sellar, The Village Voice


New York Theatre Dispatch: Play/Date at Fat Baby, Lower East Side

– Tara Isabella Burton, litro.co.uk


“One doesn't often think of the stage as a medium that lends itself to the documentary. To see perhaps the best possible example of one onstage, get a ticket to open heart before they sell out (which should be soon, judging by the size and enthusiasm of the opening night crowd). It's hard to imagine anyone else pulling this off as well as open heart.”

– Danny Bowes, NYTheatre.com


Recreating Revolutionary War history where it was made

– Edward Colimore, philly.com


Play/Date Takes Immersive Theater to New Horny Heights

– Meredith Carey, The New York Observer


Mother's Milk, by Joe Salvatore, casts Sharon Counts and John Del Vecchio as wary partners on a first date; it also provides an amusing meditation on what to do when your companion for the evening, by way of making conversation, wants to know the name of your favorite Muppet.”

– David Barbour, L & S America Online


Towards the Fear: Bullying Confronted on Stage

– eileen reynolds, NYU Stories


Objects of Immense Power: Project | Hope explores new perspectives on art, history

– Meg Whelan, UNC Charlotte Alumni Magazine


“open heart is engrossing and illuminating.  Salvatore’s five-person cast…offers nuanced work, deftly distinguishing between sometimes similar, other times divergent characters.”

– Erik Haagensen, Backstage


Fringe Fest reality shows. Truth serum courses through many of this year's queer offerings.

– Beth greenfield, TimeOut New York


“Yet ‘III’ can be easily applied to the show’s creator, Joe Salvatore, who proves to be the most gifted triple-threat I’ve encountered at the Fringe this season. He wrote, directs, and stars in this magnificent production that feels like, with just a little re-jiggering, it belongs in a regular run in the Off-Broadway Cherry Lane Theater.”

David Kennerley, gay city news


“Salvatore does triple duty, not only writing this remarkable piece [III], but also smartly directing and appearing as Glenway Wescott in a heart-felt performance.”

– Theatre is Easy


Just a stage? The Fringe Festival presents a slew of shows from gay perspectives.

– Beth greenfield, TimeOut New York


“open heart, a new play by Joe Salvatore, gives voice to the often occurring, yet rarely discussed, phenomenon of open relationships amongst gay men.  Regardless of your feelings on monogamy this is a very well done and thought provoking piece.  It is made all the more interesting as the discussion of granting legal rights to monogamous same-sex couples engages our nation. Salvatore and his cast deliver an unflinching, engaging, interesting, and often humorous work.”

– Dan Fingerman, Theatre is Easy


The Queer Fringe: A meatier mix on the 2010 menu

David Kennerley, gay city news


Fringe Festival: The Edge, the Center and the Kitchen Sink

Steven mcelroy & erik piepenburg, new york times


“Joe Salvatore’s III smoulders with talent. Salvatore is the real star of the production. He has directed with the same careful intelligence with which he has written the drama--and proves himself to be a capable actor as well. Salvatore has brilliantly dramatized the psychology of these gifted artists living in a gay enclave before the Gay Liberation Movement.”

– Deidre Donovan, CurtainUp


"Salvatore has created three extremely complicated, complex, and flawed individuals in his piece. Each character resonates; each portrayal is heartfelt. III is an extremely worthy addition to this year’s FringeNYC. If you have only a couple of Fringe shows to see, make sure one of them is III."

– Anthony Pennino, NYTheatre.com


Staging Their Shows on the Fly

David Kennerley, gay city news