15 seconds of TV fame

Earlier this year when I was working on Plays from the Provincetown Players at the newly renovated Provincetown Playhouse, I was contacted by the NYU Steinhardt press rep to do a live interview on television about the re-opening of the theatre.  The interview was scheduled for early March during the run of the show, but then got bumped because of budget issues in Albany.  The producer still wanted to do the interview, and she said she would be in touch around March 29.  I thought it was dead in the water, but then she contacted me on Monday and said there was a slot for Tuesday.   I went in for an interview during the 7:00-8:00pm news broadcast with Chuck Scarborough on NBC4.  The show appears nightly on the NBC’s NY Nonstop cable channel, as well as several other cable providers.

Everyone at NBC was very nice, and the atmosphere was super calm, much to my pleasure and surprise.  I expected lots of frantic running around, but when I entered the studio for the segment, there were three guys running the show and Chuck Scarborough reading the news.  Very very quiet.  On a commercial break they sat me down, clipped on a microphone, gave me a couple of instructions, and we were off.  Chuck was great throughout the interview and made me feel really comfortable.  I was worried about having a Cindy Brady-staring-at-the-red-light-on-the-quiz-show moment, but I managed to get through it.  Then the technician unplugged me from the microphone, and I was off.

Thanks to all for the support and a very positive first live TV experience!