Hurricane Irene Post #1

I figured since this has been billed as a historic event that I should probably blog about it.  Better to have a record than have to try and remember after the fact.

It’s now Noonish on Saturday in NYC and for the second time in my twelve years here, mass transit has completely shut down.  This happened once before because of a transit strike in 2005, but it’s the first time that impending weather has caused a shut down.  We’ve had two waves of rain here, one light shower and one heavier downpour.  I managed to get all of my plants in off the terrace before the heavier downpour, so now my “garden” sits behind me as I type this.  I have to keep the plants locked away in my home office because Buster and Dusty (my cats) like to investigate and chew on anything new that arrives into the apartment.  The last thing I need is an emergency vet run because of poisoned kitties.

The waiting game with this hurricane feels like the most frustrating part of the ordeal.  It would be easier if it would just arrive already.  I went to the grocery store this morning, and it was pretty nuts.  Tolerable, but nuts.  I forgot to pick up paper towels, so I ran back out to a Duane Reade pharmacy supermarket type place, and managed to get some other things.  The woman at the check out was pretty over the whole ordeal, and then she told me that they were all staying through Monday.  They were not leaving.  My first thought was to feel awful for these people.  Then I made sure to make a mental note in case they are the only ones who are open in the neighborhood after this storm passes.

I live in residence at NYU, and Sunday was supposed to be move in day for 8,000 students.  Needless to say, that was postponed until Monday, but families have actually arrived early and are moving in today.  What a way to begin a first year in college, right?  With an impending natural disaster.

I’m wondering how my apartment will hold up through this storm.  High winds and heavy rains usually equal leaks for me.  The wall-to-wall carpet gets saturated, then wet vacuumed, then treated for mold.  It’s a delight.  I’ve moved some furniture out of the potential leak paths, but it’s tough to predict.  The leaks have been known to change location.

I’m actually really more concerned about my family in southern New Jersey.  They all have homes with large trees around them, and the ground saturation from the last month combined with the high winds might be really dicey.  I’m hoping that they can manage to make it through without any damage or injury.  The forecasters are saying that the back side of the storm will bring higher winds, which I assume means after the rains.  We’ll have to wait and see.

I’m going to blog about this storm throughout, so stay tuned.  As long as I have power, I’ll try to post pics and updates.  See below for my transformed indoor office garden, courtesy of Hurricane Irene.

Stay safe!