Let’s stop paying attention to Sarah Palin. Please?

Sarah Palin’s recent American history gaffe represents just one more moment in a long line of moments that illustrate quite clearly that she should not be a candidate to lead any governing body, including the PTA at her kids’ school. No offense to the PTA presidents of the world.

Essentially, Palin said at an event at the Old North Church in Boston that Paul Revere’s ride to warn American colonists that the British were coming was actually a ride a to warn the British that the Americans were coming.  Then in the Fox TV clip below, she tries to defend her answer to what she calls a “Gotcha” the question.  Sorry, Sarah, but it’s basic American history.  If you don’t know the history of the country’s revolution, you probably shouldn’t be trying to lead one of your own.

Why the media pays attention to this woman is beyond my understanding.  I’m paying attention to her in this blog post, but after this, I’m stopping.  When we pay attention to Sarah Palin, it’s like paying attention to the child who is misbehaving in a classroom to get attention.  If we stop paying attention to the child, the child will sometimes stop acting out.  Palin is acting out because we give her a lot of attention.  If people would just stop giving her airtime, she might actually shrivel up and go back to Alaska.

Plus, now that Rick Santorum, Mr. Uber Social Conservative, has officially declared his intention to run for President, we should focus our energies on stopping someone who could really do some damage to humanity, rather than Ms. Palin, who just keeps looking and sounding more and more inept.