Making art at a rapid pace…and feeling great about it!

Last week I had the distinct pleasure of working with 11 young artists, alums of the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts’ signature program, Young Arts, and a production team of amazing collaborators to create a performance project that was seen by audiences in Los Angeles at the Colburn School, the Steven J. Ross Theater at Warner Bros. Studios, and the Nate Holden Performing Arts Center.

We worked like crazy for three days doing 10 out of 12s (10 hours of rehearsal in a 12 hour period), and then we loaded the performance into a new venue three days in a row.  It was a wild and crazy seven days of work, but I had an amazing time with each of the artists.  I also learned a ton about LA and working in these different venues, particularly the Warner Bros space.   These young artists have incredible talent and skill, and yet they also maintained a level of commitment and professionalism that made me very proud to call them collaborators.  I will not forget their generosity or their patience.  I also worked with a team of six other professionals on the production and management end of the project, and they too reminded me how much a dedicated team can accomplish, even in the face of challenges, large and small.  I had a great week!

Below, you can see the marquee announcing the performance on Thursday evening at the Warner Bros. venue.  It was an exciting moment.  For all of us.