Our national leaders need to join Wipers Anonymous

So once again the talks surrounding the US fiscal crisis broke down last evening with Obama and Boehner hurling strong phraseology at each other, placing blame, and spinning their wheels.  Media outlets are reporting that the “silent majority” is dissatisfied with the job that our national leaders are doing.  One poll reported 80% of Americans feel this dissatisfaction.  We’re not talking about party lines here.  We’re talking about people feeling like their elected officials don’t deserve to get re-elected.

This debt ceiling-debt reduction thing has gone on entirely too long.  Our “leaders” are digging in their heels, in the name of protecting the American public’s interests, when in fact, I think that most of them are more worried about getting re-elected so they can continue to be “in power.”  Some of this is supposedly democracy at work.  I’m at the point now where I’m losing faith in democracy.

I think that most of these leaders are card carrying members of something I call Wipers Anonymous, or WA for short.  You know that expression, “Shit or get off the pot”?  Well, our leaders are doing neither of those things.  They seem to be paralyzed and wiping continuously. Digging for the proverbial gold, one might say.  Posturing, blaming, criticizing, all with their pants and skirts around their ankles and mummified in Charmin.  God only knows how much TP they’ve gone through on Capitol Hill.  And I think that Obama must have a trail of it following him through the White House, and it’s not just stuck on the bottom of his shoe.

I’m not going to pretend that I understand all of the dynamics of our national debt.  Nor am I going to suggest a solution.  But that’s not my job.  We’ve elected these people to lead the country, and they’re doing a shite job of it.  Both parties have lots of answering to do, and while Obama seems to be trying valiantly to lower the debt and not default, clearly something is keeping him and our congressional leaders from getting on the same page.

Maybe the Gang of Six will come through.  Maybe someone can Roto-Rooter a way through all of the TP stuck in the drains from all of the wiping, and finally something will get done.

Stop wiping, people!  Membership to Wipers Anonymous is officially closed.