Why would anyone want to meet with Tracy Morgan now?

In an opinion piece on CNN.com, Jarrett Barrios, the President of GLAAD, suggests that Tracy Morgan should now meet with victims or the families of victims of anti-gay violence.  Here’s an excerpt:

“While it is certainly a good thing that Morgan has started to take responsibility for the offensive content of his routine by apologizing publicly to his fans and the gay community, he must do more to balance the harm that his words have inflicted. He could take one profound step to show his sincerity by meeting with parents and young people who have been personally effected [sic] by anti-gay violence or family rejection.”

Call me crazy, but why would any person who considers her or himself a victim of anti-gay violence or that person’s family members want to meet with Tracy Morgan after the awful things he said in his comedy routine in Nashville about what he would do if he found out his son was gay?  I know that GLAAD does very important work, but this call for some kind of summit meeting makes absolutely no sense to me at all.  “Meeting” with Tracy Morgan is not going to change anything.  He’s done the damage to his credibility already. And why should people who have been victimized by anti-gay violence do Morgan any service by allowing him a public relationships opportunity to atone for this tirade?  No way.  That spanks of collusion if you ask me.

Mr. Barrios can meet with whoever he wants, but he shouldn’t be calling on other people to meet with this guy.

I will not be rushing out to buy a ticket to see Tracy Morgan or to begin watching 30 Rock anytime soon.