Talk about the opposite of mending fences…

So a pastor in North Carolina decided that the way to rid the world of lesbians and “queers” was to put us all inside electrified fences and stop feeding us.   Then we would inevitably “die out.”

If you watch the video below from AC360 last evening, you’ll see sections of the preacher’s video, which was taken down yesterday from YouTube after it received over 25,000 hits.

I try not to be surprised by people’s hatred.  I also try to forgive people’s insanity.  I’m struggling with this video, mostly because of the repeated choruses of “amen” in the background, each time this lone person talks about destroying people for being gay and lesbian.  The “amens” or “I believe” mean that he’s clearly not alone in thinking that this proposed solution has merit.

I also find it nauseating that this speech happened in a so-called house of God.  I stopped practicing religion a long time ago, but I still respect houses of worship and the teachings of Jesus.  How those teachings lead this man and many others like him to putting other human beings inside electrified fences, I’ll never understand.