Sharpening my axe

So I've taken a short hiatus from generating a lot of new material for this blog. I wrote myself into a corner with the play that was going up on Mondays, so I stopped. And last week I just ran out of steam. The end of the academic year is a tough time, and given the work that I did over the January break, it was a particularly long and tiring spring.

I'm trying to find the balance between sticking to my writing practice and sharpening my axe. I find it very hard to take a rest from work. I think if I stop I'm going to miss out on an opportunity. I struggle with this feeling that I'm wasting time if I'm not actively working on something. My trainer once pointed out to me that a wood cutter can't cut wood if the axe isn't sharp. So taking time out to sharpen the axe is imperative. That metaphor really landed for me, and I'm trying to embrace it right now. Not get too anxious about productivity and just allow some time and space for rest and reflection.

My play "Bromancing the OK" is featured as the Play of the Week on TreePress this week, and you can read a copy of it for free! I also did an interview for them, which was a lot of fun. I talked about the axe sharpening in the interview, which made me think about including it for today's musing.  I hope you enjoy the play and the interview!