Written and performed by Dublin-based and Canadian-born Jenny Macdonald, ENTHRONED is the story of a woman's quest to find and accept herself and her right to be fully here.

Developed from Jenny's own writings and through her unique devising process, the show emerged from discussion, reflection, and physicalization both inside and outside the rehearsal studio. Joe Salvatore served as the project's director and dramaturg, and Toronto-based scenographer Troy Hourie joined the team to develop and create the visual world of the performance.

ENTHRONED received its world premiere at Dublin's First Fortnight Festival in January 2016 and was then programmed by FringeNYC, The New York International Fringe Festival in August 2016.

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C R E D I T S:

Jenny Macdonald (writer and performer), Michelle Cahill-May Day Creates (producer), Troy Hourie (scenographer), Rachel Zweig (stage manager), and Cassie Holzum (assistant stage manager). Photography by Dixie Sheridan