In Real Time is a set of six one-act plays that come from a series of eighteen plays written throughout 2012. A mixture of funny moments and more serious considerations, each short play is inspired by a song, a news article, or a writing prompt. Three sisters argue around a box of memories, friends make important discoveries in casual circumstances, a married couple sees each other again after a long time, and even Marilyn Monroe makes an unlikely appearance.

Three of the plays were developed in a Writers Roundtable sponsored by NYU’s Program in Educational Theatre during the 2012-13 academic year, and then additional development occurred throughout January and February 2015 when the plays were directed and performed by undergraduate and graduate students as part of the program’s main stage season at the Provincetown Playhouse.

I wanted to write and thank you specifically, though, for the last piece, ‘Bromancing the OK.’ It was an incredible bit of truth, written so fearlessly and carefully. . . . I think I held my breath the whole time!
— Audience Member

C R E D I T S:

Katie Braun, Elena Stephenson Campbell, Yulissa Hidalgo, Haven Mitchell-Rose, Nick Robertson, Shanae Sharon (directors); Oriana Miles (assistant to the playwright & artistic director), Talia Krispel (production stage manager), Shayna Bleckerman (assistant stage manager), Keith R. Huff (dramaturgy), Andy Hall (scenic), Emily Stork (lighting), Jessica Black (assistant lighting), Márion Talán (costumes), Alyssa Bracken (assistant costumes), Sam Crawford (sound design & composition), Zeb Gould (composition), Nelly Reyes (props), and Steve Hart (fight choreography). Performers: Isaiah Bent, Kyla Blocker, Kordell Draper, David Ello, Nicole Gebler, Megan Ibarra, Kirsten Kammermeyer, Alexis Lounsbury, Adam Miller, Charlie Ponty, Sarah Smith, Devin Miranda Weise, Rachel Tuggle Whorton, and Peter Zerneck. Photography by Chianan Yen